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Ensure the wedding day of your dreams and preserve your memories for the future

 Pratt Abbott is Maine’s only certified wedding dress specialist. When you choose Pratt Abbott, trained experts handle your wedding gown and all work is done in-house. Before you trust another provider, schedule a free Zoom consultation to learn the benefits of local, specialized wedding dress care.  

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Start with a free Zoom consultation with our Garment Care Coordinator to discuss your needs and plan your service. 

Wedding Garment Care

Essential Services for Your Wedding

Garment Press & Prep

You will look perfect on the big day with pre-wedding press and prep for your wedding dress, suits and tuxes, bridesmaids dresses, and more.

Dress Cleaning

Professional cleaning protects your wedding dress from damage due to stains and oils that may not be visible but degrade fabrics over time.

Dress Preservation

Preserve the value of your wedding dress for future use or for resale. Your dress will be layered in an acid-free archival-quality chest with viewing pane.

I highly recommend Pratt Abbott to all my clients and know that they will be in good hands and looking camera ready for their wedding.

Brea McDonald

Brea McDonald Photography

Postponement Package

If you’re planning a small or virtual wedding now and a larger celebration later, this is the plan for you. 

  • Wear your dress now

    For your marriage ceremony now, look gorgeous online and in photos wearing the dress of your dreams.

  • Let us clean & preserve it

    We'll make sure your dress is still perfect when you're ready to wear it again.

  • We'll press & prep it for free

    When you want to wear your dress again for your big party or reception, we will prepare it for you at no charge.

  • Complimentary preservation

    After your big wedding, just pay for the cleaning and we will preserve your dress again for free!

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Gallery of Our Work

All dresses and suits were prepped for the camera by Pratt Abbott Wedding.

Customer Reviews

Victoria S.
Victoria S.
Pressed and Delivered So Smoothly
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I really appreciate the work this company did for me. I travelled with my gown from Denver to Portland, Maine and was heading to my parents' cottage in Casco Bay. After traveling all day with my heavy ball gown, I could not imagine lugging it onto a ferry. I was so pleased how Pratt Abbott was ready to receive me and my gown and hold it for me all week before my wedding. On the day before our wedding, Angela showed up to our hotel just as we were checking in with my dress. The gown was pressed beautifully and the convenience was so incredibly helpful. I've sent my gown back to them for a professional cleaning and I would recommend them to anyone who needs a cleaner who is really looking out for the client!
Krista P.
Krista P.
Excellent Service!
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Pratt Abbott Cleaners steamed my wedding dress and it came out perfect! Everyone who we communicated with was very professional, helpful, and pleasant to work with. My dress was delivered to the venue on time and the woman who delivered it made sure it was placed in the correct room and hanging up correctly before leaving. Angela included a very nice note with the delivery, congratulating me on my wedding day. We are using Pratt Abbott for my dress cleaning and preservation. Thank you so much!
Sara G.
Sara G.
Yay for House Calls! 🙂
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It was so wonderful to have Angela's team come to my parents' house and steam my wedding dress and all my bridesmaid's dresses! Since everyone had come from out of town for our Maine wedding, it was so nice to not have to worry about taking the dresses, dropping them off, picking them up, etc...I even had them steam the groom's suit! They were friendly and their smiles and efficiency helped me stay super relaxed on my wedding day and the dresses looked amazing. Thank you so much!
Joann P.
Joann P.
Heirloom Quality Service
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I brought my wedding gown that I wore in 1988 and has since been worn by my two daughters for cleaning and preservation. Their service was thorough and I know that my future granddaughters will be wearing it and it will be as beautiful as it always was!
A Sentimental Process
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I waited longer than I should have to finally get my wedding dress preserved. I felt like it was the final memory still lingering to be sealed away for later. Pratt Abbott made this final step seamless and their employees appeared to intuitively know how sentimental this process is for brides. I received my dress sooner than I thought and then a thank you note in the mail from Angela. I use Pratt Abbott for most of my cleanings and have so pleased with how they take care of the day to day and the once in a lifetime 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

Almost all wedding dresses and suits will wrinkle and crease during storage—even if you're not traveling, but especially if you are! We steam and press all wrinkles, separate layers of fabric so it flows properly, and prep all embellishments so they pop. Accessories like veils and shawls should also be prepped to look their best for the big day.

Spills such as soda, wine and cake (often caused by a guest and unnoticed by the bride) contain sugar and can dry without leaving a visible mark. Sugar is not dissolved during ordinary dry cleaning and caramelizes over time into ugly brown stains. Your dress can also be damaged by biological fluids, such as tears and oils. Left untreated, your dress will yellow and develop stains and even holes in the fabric. 

Our specialists carefully hand clean every gown separately with gentle chemicals that dissolve the different kinds of stains.  Then your gown is rinsed in pure solvent until it is completely clean. 

This is when your clean gown is carefully packed for longterm storage. Your layered with acid-free tissue in a museum-quality gown chest that is also completely acid-free. This protects your gown from the air and light that cause unprotected gowns to yellow.

At Pratt Abbott, we do all our work in-house so your dress never leaves our hands. We communicate with you throughout the process and you can always reach a real person when you contact us. We are Maine's only certified wedding dress experts, and we have extensive experience will all types of fabrics, cuts, and details. We work on  everything from high-end couture dresses to vintage dresses to budget-friendly dresses, and we have encountered just about every type of stain. In short, your dress is in the very best hands when you choose Pratt Abbott Wedding. 

We use the ecofriendly GreenEarth® Cleaning Process to gently and safely clean your wedding dress. The use of any solvent, no matter which kind, generates carbon emissions—even if only from the electricity needed for the machinery. We asked to calculate the carbon emissions from your travel to and from our location to the cleaning and preservation process to the wedding chest itself. Our donations to offset the entire carbon footprint, and uses our donation to fund worldwide reforestation projects.

Our trademarked MuseumCareTM wedding chest is completely acid-free, not just pH-neutral. Chests that are only pH-neutral are not safe for your gown. They can re-acidify because the neutralizer is water soluble and will dissolve.  Never use ordinary boxes and tissue. They are heavily acidic and cause yellowing. In fact, ordinary boxes and tissue can “scorch” gowns, which leaves dark brown streaks wherever the fabric touches the box.

Yes, we are experts in wedding dress restoration and can do a lot to renew yellowed gowns to their original hue. 

Absolutely! We apply the same level of care and expertise to your prom, pageant, or other formal gowns. Gown preservation is especially important for couture and vintage dresses. 

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